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Southeastern Wisconsin Plumbing Service & Repair

With over 10 years of experience serving Southeastern Wisconsin, the Sherman Plumbing Heating & Air team are ready to answer any questions and provide a solution that will meet your budget and needs.

We aren’t out to make a quick buck like too many contractors these days. We live in the same community we serve and want to build lasting relationships with all our clients. Providing great, honest service is the best way to do that and why this business was started. Whether a complex boiler system is on the fritz, or a simple faucet won’t stop running, over a decade of experience ensures we can handle that and anything in between.


Water Treatment

One of the best phrases I’ve heard in my career is “life’s too short to deal with bad water”. It’s one of my favorites because it’s so true! Great quality water is something you can’t truly appreciate until your water treatment system has an issue. Whether it is an iron filter, water softener, or carbon filter, we have the experience and knowledge to determine the issue and offer a solution.

Most of our area gets their water from a well. Whether it is a community well or a private well, it’s very different than water from a lake. With Lake Michigan water expanding to feed some surrounding areas, you may notice the water doesn’t feel quite right anymore. Lake water requires a much more intense regimen to treat than well water does. The byproduct of this treatment is chlorine and can feel quite harsh. A carbon filter will take down this chlorine and is totally maintenance free for up to 15 years!

Treating your water isn’t just about keeping your fixtures and skin healthy. A Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is far cheaper than having water delivered month after month, and tastes much better too!

Water Heaters

Water heaters are completely out of sight and out of mind, until the shower goes cold! And that’s if you are lucky, the worst water heater failures can cost a fortune in remodeling costs after it ruins your basement. Water heaters have the shortest expected life of any major appliance in your home at 7-10 years. Replacing a water heater proactively also gives you the chance to improve your systems performance with a capacity boosting device that can give a standard 50-gallon water heater an effective capacity of 87 gallons. Another great upgrade is a drain pan and water alarm to protect your basement from damage if you do have a water heater leak.

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